Here you’ll find some of the questions we often get asked. If you need an answer to a question not listed here, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help

Let’s talk about “the elephant in the room”.

You like our prices, you like our professional and courteous service, you like the sound of our people… but of course, you’re nervous about sending us money.

We could tell you how professional, trustworthy and honourable we are but you need harder evidence than that.

The majority of our vehicles are sourced using large fleet discounts but are still being delivered by franchised dealers. Depending on the vehicle supplier, it may be possible to put our nervous customers in touch with the delivering dealer so that you can have peace of mind. The dealer will tell you a delivery is scheduled to the customer’s address and confirm that the vehicle is real and so is the transaction.

We would also add that we have been vetted by a number of external partners and governing bodies. In order to offer finance, we have to obtain a Consumer Credit Licence. This is issued by the Financial Conduct Authority and as part of the vetting process, we are visited by the local officer. Our reference number is 667850. You can see the FCA register yourself a here

Our finance partners are selective about whom they do business with. They check to confirm that we operate to standards of conduct and do not expose them financially or reputationally. We have a good number of relationships which are displayed on our home page. Funds that you send to us – either by cheque, credit card, BACS or telegraphic transfer – is held in our ‘Client Account’.

This keeps your funds separate from the main cash flow of the business so that it is protected for you. Your funds are then only incorporated into the business once your vehicle has been paid for and therefore ‘title’ passes to you.

Where you see excess mileage mentioned it relates to a contractual restriction – usually Contract Hire. This is effectively a long-term rent and the monthly cost is based upon parameters or assumptions of the mileage you will cover in a given period. This will then enable the contract hire company to predict the future value of the vehicle when it is returned to them and subsequently the depreciation of the vehicle. Our more popular finance methods such as Hire Purchase and Finance Lease do not have ANY mileage restrictions.

Once your vehicle has arrived at the dealership and is ready to be delivered we will ask you to arrange insurance cover. If the vehicle is pre-registered it will most likely already have a tax disc and we do not need a copy of the insurance certificate. You should insure from the scheduled delivery date for your own peace of mind. However, if the vehicle is going to be registered and taxed for the first time in your name we will need a copy of your insurance certificate. This needs to be the original cover note or a good copy such as a scan or pdf. We can recommend a few reputable insurance companies and can supply you with their contact details should you wish to try them. The advantage of using our partners is that we can get hold of the necessary documentation quickly and expedite the delivery process. Contract Hire companies will insist that you insure the vehicles fully comprehensive.

Your ability to return the vehicle early depends upon the type of finance that you have entered into. Hire Purchase is the traditional finance method. As an individual, you are protected by the Consumer Credit Act and the HP agreement is compliant to the act. Consequently, you have a legal right to return the vehicle at any time but you must be aware that you may incur a penalty and it may affect your credit rating. There is a point in the HP agreement where you can return the vehicle without adversely affecting your credit rating – you need to read your agreement to determine when this is. Contract Hire is a pre-agreed long-term rental agreement and the monthly payments have been calculated with the assumption that you will keep the vehicle for the whole duration. You will be able to return the vehicle early but there is likely to be a penalty charge which will be based upon the actual depreciation of the vehicle. Your payments are unlikely to have kept pace with the actual depreciation so there will probably be a shortfall. This should be similar to the cost of ownership if you had paid cash.

At Citroen Van Sales we aim to deliver your vehicle to your door. We think that this is a massive improvement on the customer service offered by a dealer where you have to collect it yourself and get someone to give you a lift there! However, we recognise that some customers wonder what would happen if the vehicle is delivered after they have paid for it and there is a problem…say it’s damaged for example. Firstly we sell standard UK vehicles and consequently, customers are able to order vehicles with the assurance that what they order is what arrives. When the vehicle is ordered we ask you to check the order form which shows the specification of the vehicle. Therefore you should never get the wrong vehicle or wrong coloured vehicle delivered! Mistakes happen – who are we trying to kid! If the intrinsic vehicle is correct but says it hasn’t been ply lined or we (or more likely our supplier!) have forgotten to fit the roof rack then we can resolve the problem. These accessories can be fitted at your house so in the unlikely event that this happens we can resolve it. I should say that this eventuality hasn’t happened yet (a tempting fate I know) If the vehicle was delivered damaged you need to contact us as early as possible. The vehicle either needs to be returned to the dealer or repaired at your premises. We would work with you to solve the problem with the least possible pain.

The minimum is usually 1 year and the maximum is usually 5 years. Lenders will offer finance based upon a customer specific risk assessment. This means that lenders will be prepared to offer some customers a long time to repay the loan but this will also take into consideration a customer’s credit profile and the amount of deposit. We cannot predict what a lender will agree to until we specifically propose each customer but we always suggest that we make the proposal based upon a customer’s budget and try not to predict the lender’s answer. Not all lenders take the same view so we can ask more than one lender to consider the customer’s preferred deal. Let’s see what they say…they may say ‘yes’!

In short – any make, any model car or commercial! The best bargains change from week to week depending upon the supply of vehicles and volumes bought. Keep an eye on the website for the price movements or give us a quick call. If you know the exact vehicle that you want we can secure it for you at trade prices using our fleet codes.

At Citroen Van Sales we sell brand new and pre-registered vehicles that originate from UK franchised dealers. The vehicles are exactly the same as those sold (at much higher prices) by the dealers and have the balance of the manufacturer’s UK warranty remaining. Consequently, you can buy vehicles from Citroen Van Sales with the confidence that the vehicles can be serviced, maintained and repaired by your local franchised dealer.

We are usually more competitive than the major dealerships for a number of reasons; We have negotiated preferential buying terms based upon the volume of vehicles that we buy. You would expect large dealer groups to be able to negotiate similar terms but the truth is that the manufacturer expects dealers to ‘retail’ vehicles at the highest possible prices and consequently offers dealers low margins. Dealers have contractual commitments to manufacturers but at Citroen Van Sales we are truly independent and offer you the best vehicle for your budget regardless of the badge. Dealers also have to maintain a very expensive showroom – often in very expensive High Street locations. At Citroen Van Sales we keep our overheads low so that our prices are low. Call us to find out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised! All our vehicles are UK MAIN DEALER supplied (not imports) and as such have the benefit of the full warranty, service and back up from the manufacturer. The only difference between ordering through us and the main dealer is the price!

If you would like any further information or you would like to proceed with an order you can contact us directly on 01633 731 610