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From couriers to sole traders, and many more, we provide tailored van insurance solutions to bring you the best cover for your vehicle.

We understand that getting your Van insurance sorted can be time-consuming & frustrating.

Van insurance can be costly, so we’ve teamed up with Commercial Vehicle Direct Insurance Services (CVD Insurance Services).

Why choose CVD for your van insurance

A Trusted panel of leading insurers

Having forged exclusive relationships with some of the UK’s top insurers, brokers, and underwriters, can to bring you access to amazing deals.

The panel of insurers is hand-picked, and their addition to detail and high standards mean the companies they chose to work with really know what they’re doing.

Van insurance for drivers

If you’ve had trouble getting insurance in the past due to a poor credit history, criminal convictions or you’ve previously been banned from driving we can help and make sure we can get you the best possible quote.

Our policies are tailored to suit your van type and individual circumstances, including:


Van insurance is a legal requirement in the UK. Unlike car insurance, driving a Van usually comes with a greater risk, especially when used for commercial purposes. Van insurance is specifically designed to cover the increased financial loss that could result from making a claim.

When using your Van for commercial purposes, you’ll want to make sure that your business and your livelihood is fully protected. Van insurance policies come in many shapes and forms with a whole host of additional cover levels. Protecting your cargo, tools or equipment from loss, damage or theft is just as important as protecting the Van itself.

Getting the right Van insurance is crucial. Without adequate cover, you run the risk of financial losses which are likely to have a big impact on both your business and personal life. Get added peace of mind with to get the right deal at the right price today.

Social, Domestic & Pleasure

For private use such as going on holiday, taking a shopping trip, or enjoying hobbies like mountain bilking or surfing, you can choose a social use policy. Its worth noting that commuting to and from a place of business is not covered under this type of policy like it would be with car insurance.


Also referred to as Carriage of goods for hire and reward. If you are getting paid to deliver goods that you don’t own, then you’ll be classed as a courier. Best suited to local delivery drivers, you’ll also want to be covered in the event your cargo is lost, damaged or stolen with a goods in transit policy.

Carriage of Own Goods

If you use your Van for work on a daily basis, such as transporting your tools of the trade, then you’ll need a Carriage of Own goods policy. You’ll also be able to take out additional tool theft insurance for added peace of mind. This type of insurance is perfect for local tradesmen.


Similar to courier insurance, a Haulage policy is for when you’re delivering goods over long distances, usually to just one single destination. Haulage insurance is specifically designed to cover the increased risks involved from spending longer on the roads. You’ll need to make sure you’re also adequately covered for goods in transit to protect your payload for damage, loss of theft.

Third Party Only

This will cover all third parties in the event of damage, injury, or loss of life due to an accident. It wont cover your own Van if you are at fault and doesn’t provide cover if your Van is stolen. No protection is provided from damage caused by fire. While this level of cover is usually the cheapest option, it’s not recommended for business and commercial use.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

This offers the same level of cover as above but with the added benefit of cover for theft of your Van or any damage caused by fire. Still, it doesn’t offer repair or replacement of your vehicle in the event of an accident that’s deemed to be your fault.

Fully Comprehensive

This is always the recommended level of cover for commercial use. In the event you’re involved in an accident, your Van will be repaired or replaced regardless of who was at fault. You’re also covered for theft, fire and damage caused to your vehicle and ensures you get back on the road quickly to avoid loss of business.

Please note Pure Vans are not selling the insurance – this is sold by a 3rd party.